What you should know before planning your trip to South America

Before travelling to South America, many doctors will tell you that it is necessary to get vaccinated as a precautionary measure. Of course, this is not an obligation and many vaccines won’t be useful according to the different regions you are going to visit. So let’s try to comply with a few basic health rules and everything will be alright:

  • Don’t drink tap water because many often, it is not drinkable. Buy some bottles of mineral water in advance and only keep tap water for the morning wash! 😉 It could only be drunk once it has been boiled and then kept fresh in the fridge.
  • For any trip to Amazon, think about bringing an insect repellent and smear your body several times a day. Try to wear sports shoes and no flip-flops when walking in the forest! One never knows what could lie on the ground…If you plan to stay more than one week in the Amazon, the vaccine against yellow fever is recommended. Ask your doctor or a specialized vaccination centre for more information.
  • If you’ve got stomach problems, don’t eat too many spicy dishes, because in South America, chilli is King! If you have any doubt on a special dish, please ask the waiter at the restaurant. This will avoid many bad surprises…Be also careful about small street restaurants if they don’t seem so clean.

Anyway, you will always find a close “famarcia” if necessary…So don’t be afraid or hypochondriac and enjoy your holidays! 🙂 I hope that these health tips will be useful!