Community tourism in South America

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Community tourism: trend or necessity? You're preparing your trip to South America but don't really know how to do it...You have the choice between many destinations such as Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile or Brazil! The [...]

A happy Sunday in Miraflores

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For all Peru and Lima lovers, there is a district in the Peruvian capital where one feels good walking and meeting with friends or family, exceptionally in case of nice weather. This district is Miraflores! [...]

On the way to the Peruvian South and Ica desert

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Take the road to the Peruvian South and the region of Ica to discover amazing landscapes! You will visit the Ica desert with its splendid colors and the Ballestas Islands in the Pacific Ocean to enjoy a moment of serenity in the middle of nowhere!

Sweet visit at the Choco Museo in Lima

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Entering the Choco Museo in Lima, one feels like a child in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! :-) There is first of all this irresistible smell of hot chocolate, the same smell which was attracting you to the kitchen when mom or dad was preparing his chocolate cake...

Peruvian sweets and desserts presented on Mistura

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Desserts and all other sweets very often make us remember our childhood flavours. In Peru, as in every country in the world, some specialties keep being alive in everyone's mind and heart through their unique [...]

Mistura – Between regional and fusion cuisine

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It was our second day on Mistura and we just started to find our way on the gastronomic fair. We decided to taste as many Peruvian specialties as possible, should they be regional or come from [...]

Mistura 2015 – Discovering Peruvian Gastronomy

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The best grill cooks inflame Mistura 2015 Today, it was our first day on Mistura 2015. As we arrived on the fair, we didn’t know where to look as there were so many stands with [...]

Getaway in the Peruvian Amazon

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Santa Elena natural reserve in the Peruvian Amazon - San Martín Come and discover Santa Elena natural reserve, which is located a few kilometers away from Rioja city, in the region San Martín. Let's [...]

Mistura 2015 – Gourmet Peru

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MISTURA 2015 – The international gastronomic event to attend! The most important international gastronomic fair of Latin America will take place from 4 to 13 of September 2015 in Lima, Peru. This year, Mistura’s eighth [...]

Chocolate in Peru

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Discovering chocolate in Peru – Focus on the Amazon There is one question: WHO doesn’t like chocolate? I think everybody will guess the answer… I LOVE chocolate! And I love it even more when I [...]