Discovering chocolate in Peru – Focus on the Amazon

There is one question: WHO doesn’t like chocolate? I think everybody will guess the answer…

I LOVE chocolate! And I love it even more when I know where it comes from and how it is prepared. If just like me, you’re a chocolate addict, take a little time to visit one of the chocolate factories of Tarapoto during your stay in the Amazon. There you will discover its production secrets and will have the possibility to taste as much as you want! 😉 So let’s discover two well-known factories of Tarapoto: Orquidea and exotic.

The Orquidea chocolate

Just a few minutes from the Tarapoto city centre, you will find the Orquidea chocolate factory.

This place is just idyllic! Perched on a hilltop, it has an amazing view on the valley. For a few soles (Peruvian currency), Orquidea proposes guided tours in English or Spanish and explains you all the production process, from collecting the cocoa to wrapping it in bars. The visit lasts about 30 minutes and takes place in reduced groups of people. At the end of the visit, you can just have a walk in the garden or enjoy the wonderful view on the valley. Of course there is also a boutique where you can buy some chocolate bars. There will be for sure a flavour you like! Milk or dark chocolate, with coconut, quinoa, mocha coffee or pecans…This will whet your appetite! One bar costs about 10 soles (a bit more than 3 € or 3$, depending on the current rate).

Cocoa drying at Orquidea

Cocoa drying at Orquidea – Tarapoto Peru

Orquidea boutique - Tarapoto Peru

Orquidea boutique – Tarapoto Peru

The exotic chocolate

On the Plaza Major, in the Tarapoto city centre, you will easily find the exotic chocolatier, a small chocolate boutique that is worth entering. It is not permitted to visit the factory but its little chocolates are so delicious and have so many different flavours that you won’t leave until you buy some of them! The flavours are selected and renewed regularly, according to the current trends.

Passion fruit, orange, coconut, grapes, strawberry, Pisco, lemon, chilli, green tea or cinnamon are some of the flavours you will discover in the boutique!

Assortment exotic chocolatier

Assortment exotic chocolatier – Anise with orange & Maras salt

I personally recommend you to taste the chilli chocolate (Ají), which is not as strong as you may think (the chocolate really softens the spicy taste of chilli). For those who like alcohol chocolate, please try the Pisco chocolate – the Pisco being THE national grapes alcohol used in the so famous Pisco Sour cocktail. So delicious!!!

Chilli truffle - Ají Charapita - exotic chocolatier

Chilli truffle – Ají Charapita – exotic chocolatier

The chocolates are either sold individually or in little boxes. There are a variety of lovely boxes to offer to your family and friends! Don’t feel guilty to eat some chocolates! These are good for health and soul! 😉

Present boxes exotic chocolatier

Present boxes – exotic chocolatier

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