The Pisco Sour

The Pisco Sour is THE Peruvian cocktail which is the most appreciated in Peru and also in many other parts of South America. I tried it for the first time in Paris, then in Barcelona and a few months later in Lima. I became a real fan at the first moment! This cocktail is so delicious and refreshing that you can drink it as if it was water. Of course, with 40° of alcohol, you can get trapped very quickly! But this doesn’t matter…Sweet and with a lemony taste, we could say that the Pisco Sour is a girly cocktail also appreciated by the most demanding men…

I will tell you its little story…

The Pisco is a grape alcohol cultivated in the southern Peruvian region of Ica, which in the past was called Pisco. It became a real institution and one of the most important prides of the country! Each year, the Peruvians celebrate the Pisco Sour National Day on the first weekend of February. It could be the occasion to do a little pubs round, to participate in many festivals and other activities around the Pisco (but be careful and drink responsibly!).

Every year, the Peruvians also celebrate the Chilcano de Pisco week, which is another cocktail made of Pisco, lime juice and soda. In other words, there exists many ways of preparing and drinking Pisco!

Today, the Pisco has been increasingly exported abroad. It should be easy for you to find it at a little Peruvian boutique or on the internet.

Here are a few cool cocktails recipes to prepare at home for a friends party (or to drink alone as you want!):

Chilcano de Pisco Cocktails

Chilcano de Pisco Cocktails

Pisco Sour – 6 servings


  • 30 cl pure Pisco
  • 10 cl lime juice
  • 10 cl sugarcane syrup
  • 1 egg white
  • 4 to 6 ice cubes
  • A few drops of Amargo de Angostura for decoration (If you can’t find it, cinnamon powder will be perfect)


Pour all ingredients in a shaker and keep the Amargo de Angostura for the final decoration (place only a few drops in each glass once the cocktail has been served).

If you wish to increase the quantities for more people, it’s important to keep the good proportions, that is to say: 3 measures of Pisco for 1 measure of lime juice and 1 measure of sugarcane syrup.

Now that’s ready! Cheers! 😉

How to prepare a delicious ceviche, served with a fresh Pisco Sour?

Chilcano de Pisco – 2 servings


  • 2 measures of Pisco
  • 2 limes
  • A bit of lemonade (or Canada Dry if you prefer)
  • 2 ice cubes
  • A few drops of Amargo de Angostura
  • If you wish, a bit of grated ginger for decoration


Pour in a big glass the pure Pisco, lime juice, Amargo de Angostura and the ice cubes. Add the lemonade or Canada Dry to the preparation and fill in the glass until the top. Stir with a spoon. Add a little lime slice and grated ginger for the final touch! Ready to drink! 😉

Eric’s Chilcano de Pisco recipe

Eric is a Peruvian friend in love with his country and at the same time with the Pisco! As an expert, he gives us a little recipe to try at home: The Fruit Chilcano de Pisco.

It is in fact an ordinary Chilcano de Pisco, with the difference that the Pisco is made with macerated fruit, which gives it an even sweeter taste. For this recipe, the most used pieces of fruit are for example passion fruit, mango, ginger, orange or mandarin. Of course, there is no limit! You can try many other things! (why not cherry or pear!)

Let’s go for the Fruit Chilcano de Pisco!

Let the fruit macerate in the Pisco bottle during a few weeks (about 1 month – indeed you’ll have to be patient!). Once the Pisco is ready and the fruit macerated, pour 2 measures of Pisco in a glass. Fill in the glass with Canada Dry or lemonade, leaving enough space for the ice cubes. Add a few drops of lime and stir. Then add a few drops of Amargo de Angostura for decoration and that’s it!

For Eric, hip hip!! Cheers! 🙂

Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback on these recipes!

Photo credit: © Yayo López / Promperú

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