The best grill cooks inflame Mistura 2015

Today, it was our first day on Mistura 2015. As we arrived on the fair, we didn’t know where to look as there were so many stands with irresistible meat smells attracting us from all parts…So how did we start?

First, we took our plan and decided to go to the grill specialists (los de las brasas)!

The chancho al palo

We start here with the so famous chancho al palo EL SAMA, the stand where we met Seiko, a very nice cook. Seiko lived many years in Japan and returned to Peru with all his savoir-faire. He has now retired but came to Mistura to help Miguel, the restaurant EL SAMA manager, which is located in Barranca, three hours away from Lima on the Peruvian coast. The pigs are put on metal grids near a wood fire whose warmth and embers softly smoke the meat. The grids are regularly turned around in order to cook the pig on both sides. Seiko explains us that the pig has been cooked entirely, cut in four parts and placed on each side of the grid. Here the meat is served with corn.

Chancho al palo EL SAMA - Mistura 2015

Chancho al palo EL SAMA – Mistura 2015

El Sama - Mistura 2015

El Sama – Mistura 2015

El Sama - Preparing the corn (pepian de maiz) - Mistura 2015

El Sama – Preparing the corn (pepian de maiz) – Mistura 2015

In the same chancho al palo category, we then visited the stand of uncle Roberto (el chancho al palo del tio Roberto). This stand is in real competition with its neighbours! You’ll have to be patient and wait like an hour to taste the meat of uncle Roberto. The meat is served with potatoes, vegetables and a few onions.

Chancho al palo - Mistura 2015

Uncle Roberto’s chancho al palo – Mistura 2015

Grill does not only mean meat, but also fish! We discovered at Mistura a grilled fish expert, more precisely a grilled trout expert. The trouts are simply put on the grill and seasoned with some spices. A lighter barbecue version but as delicious as the others! 😉

Grilled trouts - Mistura 2015

Grilled trouts – Mistura 2015

We’ll start again tomorrow on Mistura 2015, so see you soon for new gastronomic adventures in Peru! 😉