Childhood memories at the Choco Museo

Entering the Choco Museo in Lima, one feels like a child in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! 🙂 There is first of all this irresistible smell of hot chocolate, the same smell which was attracting you to the kitchen when mom or dad was preparing his chocolate cake…Today, it’s the day to be part of these magical moments again, no matter if you’re 7 or 77 years old!

The Choco Museo Workshops

One of the advantages of the Choco Museo is that it offers a very complete and interesting programme to its visitors. The chocolate workshops last approximately 2 hours during which you will learn where the Peruvian cocoa comes from, how its tree and fruit look like, how it is produced, what are its properties, who is consuming it and many other things! A fascinating visit full of historical narratives, technical information, tasting, smiles and many “hum, it’s so delicious!”.

I will tell you a spicy anecdote: during the workshop, you will learn to prepare the ancestral recipe of Mayan hot chocolate. The Mayas, who were the first to discover cocoa, had invented a very special recipe which contained the following ingredients:

  • pure cocoa paste

  • honey
  • chili (ají)
  • human blood from sacrifices (not really appetizing…)
  • hot water to mix the whole preparation!

The flavours mix is very interesting – the chili taste does not remain so long in the mouth but stings your throat!

The least courageous can also taste the traditional Conquistadores hot chocolate recipe, created by the Spanish colonists. When they reached Latin America, they replaced water with milk, honey with sugar, chili and human blood with cinnamon and clove!  This recipe has remained the traditional one which everyone prepares until now, especially for the Christmas time.

Last but not least, you will also taste the so famous cocoa tea, always so tasty and healthy!

MY proper chocolate!

Chocolate Workshop Choco Museo

During the Chocolate Workshop, we press the cocoa until getting a very smooth paste!

The workshop ends with the customized preparation of your own chocolate, which I think was the most exciting part of the visit! That’s the moment that everybody is waiting for when you prepare your own chocolate that you will bring home! 🙂

Let’s start to choose your chocolate:

bitter (dark chocolate 70% cocoa, a bit stronger but very healthy) or milk chocolate

Then choose your moulds shape: Machu Picchu and its lamas, sweet hearts, bears or I LOVE PERU! There is for everyone’s taste!

Pour the chocolate in the plastic moulds and add the ingredients you want remaining inventive (cinnamon, grated coconut, almonds, coffee beans, peanuts, sultanas…)! 😉

Whilst the chocolate is resting in the fridge, you have enough time to do a little of shopping at the boutique where you can find many products derived from cocoa (cosmetics, marmalades, liqueurs, chocolate bars…).

Boutique Choco Museo

Choco Museo boutique

You can also have a sit on the beautiful patio to taste a Terremoto (“earthquake” in Spanish) or a delicious chocolate fondue with its seasonal fruit skewer. The Terremoto is a dessert with a crunchy bitter chocolate base (just as the earth crackles under your feet…), an explosive mix inside made of brownie, m&m’s and Oreo biscuits, with a delicate chocolate mousse and a cherry on the top, as the icing on the cake! 😉  If you still want more, ask for a delicious hot chocolate or natural fruit juice served with a bit of cocoa liqueur.

Affiche du Chocolat Menier exposée sur la terrasse du Choco Museo

Poster displayed at the Choco Museo

At the Choco Museo, everything has been done to make you feel at home! So see you soon in Miraflores for new chocolate adventures!

For more information on the Choco Museo creation, listen to Alain Schneider’s story, the museum founder.