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Sweet visit at the Choco Museo in Lima

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Entering the Choco Museo in Lima, one feels like a child in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! :-) There is first of all this irresistible smell of hot chocolate, the same smell which was attracting you to the kitchen when mom or dad was preparing his chocolate cake...

Peruvian sweets and desserts presented on Mistura

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Desserts and all other sweets very often make us remember our childhood flavours. In Peru, as in every country in the world, some specialties keep being alive in everyone's mind and heart through their unique [...]

Chocolate in Peru

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Discovering chocolate in Peru – Focus on the Amazon There is one question: WHO doesn’t like chocolate? I think everybody will guess the answer… I LOVE chocolate! And I love it even more when I [...]

The Chocolate Museum of Miraflores

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Discovering and tasting chocolate in Lima Walking around the beautiful district of Miraflores, just have a gourmet break at the chocolate museum (el choco museo) on the Berlin street (calle Berlin)! At this place, you [...]

The Peruvian Cocoa Route

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Starting with the cocoa route in Peru The Mishky Cacao Women - Chazuta Writing these lines, it is above all a human story that I want to tell – and especially a women’s story! One [...]