Community tourism in South America

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Community tourism: trend or necessity? You're preparing your trip to South America but don't really know how to do it...You have the choice between many destinations such as Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile or Brazil! The [...]

A happy Sunday in Miraflores

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For all Peru and Lima lovers, there is a district in the Peruvian capital where one feels good walking and meeting with friends or family, exceptionally in case of nice weather. This district is Miraflores! [...]

Mistura – Between regional and fusion cuisine

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It was our second day on Mistura and we just started to find our way on the gastronomic fair. We decided to taste as many Peruvian specialties as possible, should they be regional or come from [...]

Did you say Pisco?

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The Pisco Sour The Pisco Sour is THE Peruvian cocktail which is the most appreciated in Peru and also in many other parts of South America. I tried it for the first time in Paris, [...]

Lima – Let’s do shopping at the Miraflores Inca Market!

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Shopping time at the Inca market in Miraflores In the chic district of Miraflores, you will discover the Inca market where most of the foreign tourists come to do their shopping (and I’m the [...]

The Best Peruvian Ceviche

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Peruvian Ceviche Is it essential here that I write an article about the so famous Peruvian ceviche (other articles will for sure follow a bit later!). The ceviche is above all a love story between [...]

The Peruvian Cocoa Route

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Starting with the cocoa route in Peru The Mishky Cacao Women - Chazuta Writing these lines, it is above all a human story that I want to tell – and especially a women’s story! One [...]