Transport in Peru is a big issue! There are many options to find its way to move or travel in the country.

Lima – the BIG CITY

Every foreign tourist arriving in Peru necessarily lands in Lima. Compared to the other big cities that we know, there is something in Lima that we immediately notice, something that makes it different from all other cities in the world: the traffic! Lima is indeed a city full of cars and buses everywhere going in all directions! It’s very difficult to find your way in such a mess when you are used to a certain discipline. So how do we do?

First, you can forget the metro or tram! In Lima, the main means of transport are the bus, the car or the taxi. There is only a little metro line which only serves a little part of the city! Give priority to the “blue buses” or “metropolitano” which were recently implemented by the municipality and at a very reasonable price. You can also take a taxi, which is maybe, when you don’t know a country, the most practical way to move from one place to another. Don’t hesitate to negotiate the price with the driver before you get in the cab. If the price seems you too high, you’ll be able to take another cab without any problem. If you are not afraid of the traffic, you will of course have the possibility to rent a car! As a last resort, you could take a “combi”, this little minibus from the 70s, hippie fashioned with its crazy drivers! These minibuses are not always in good condition and the drivers not always very careful. They are though very cheap and will lead you to all parts of the city.

Taxis, combis and buses - Lima Peru

Taxis, combis and buses in the city center of Lima, Peru

Metropolitano Lima

The new Metropolitano buses in Lima, Peru

To get around all Peru

In order to move from one city to another in Peru, you will have two options (except by car): coach or plane. Coach being naturally much cheaper but requiring much more time to go from one place to another. Depending on the time you will have at your disposal for your holidays, try to weigh the pros and cons. A coach trip to Amazon will be for example three times cheaper than a trip by plane, but for approximately 12 hours on the road. A national flight of one hour will cost about 200 € (return trip). I personally recommend LAN-Airline for its perfect service. However, foreign travellers have to pay a surcharge on all flights! Yes it is a bit unfair…The low cost Peruvian airline Starperú will offer more attractive prices, similar for all.

The get around Amazonian cities

In all Amazonian cities of Peru, such as Tarapoto or Iquitos, the most common and practical means of transport remains the mototaxi. These little three-wheeled motorcycles will lead you everywhere at any time of the day or night. They only cost a few soles (= local currency) and you can always negotiate the prices with the drivers.

Just a little anecdote: The mototaxi was my first “real contact” with Amazon! For sure, at the beginning, I was thinking like “oh my god, isn’t it dangerous?!”. Then I thought “oh my god, it’s amazing! I love it!!!”. Like a feeling of freedom with the wind in my hair! 😉

Mototaxis in the city center of Tarapoto, Peru

Mototaxis in the city center of Tarapoto, Peru